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Name: toroidal transformer model: toroidal ring transformer iron core is the use of high magnetic flux density grain-oriented silicon steel strip winding made of. So-called "oriented" refers to silicon steel strip when zhazhi, permeability silicon steel strip appears horizontal and consequent differences. "Oriented" refers to the extension of maximum permeability direction cut into material, this winding made of iron-core performance optimal, but ordinary cut of EI cores grain Preparation Wizard cannot magnetic optimal shaping. Compared with the traditional EI type transformer toroidal transformer with small size, small magnetic flux leakage, high efficiency, small internal resistance, the advantages of quick responses. As a result of the grain-oriented silicon steel strip wound into high magnetic flux density of iron core, core cross-sectional area can be greatly reduced, at the same time, methods of ring transformer uses a circular route around through primary, you can make full use of space, the coil has been greatly reduced with a line. General transformer inner and outer layer windings each turn of wire lengths differ by up to 3 times, so the line more, apart from the expensive internal resistance are large. Inner and outer conductor of a toroidal transformers much less length than the average so that coil down with a line, which not only saves copper wire, and more importantly reduces the internal resistance of transformer, increases efficiency.  Toroidal transformer and compared with the power of General transformer, volume and weight reduces the result, which, more than 90%, (General transformer generally 80% or so). Detailed function description:, enter the port battery voltage range: 6V, 12VAC, 24VAC, 48V, output voltage and frequency range: 100V/115VAC, and 220V/230VAC, frequency: 50Hz/60Hz, square wave sine wave; Third, used in inverter, power outages, Bao, UPS, and so on. Four, take charge and sampling winding; Five, far less than the electrostatic machine battery consumption EI transformer, load capacity is far greater than EI transformer. Below the EI transformer temperature rise of six, eight, seven, the overall price is lower than EI transformer internal fuse protection: first, machine tool control: typically used in machine tool control circuit for power. Second, communication, electronic equipment, instruments: toroidal transformers for power, small size, strong anti-interference ability, widely used in high end instruments, instrument, the communications equipment industry, large areas instead of-R and CD-type transformers. Third, the medical equipment: this kind of toroidal transformers in addition to the normal transformer function, its dielectric strength and resistance to damp-heat capacity is much higher than the national standards and industry standards. Four, new energy fields: widely applied solar, wind generation system. Five audio visual equipment: widely used in stage lighting, audio, multimedia, on audio equipment such as power amplifier. Six, electric control: 1. current transformer 2. step-up step-down power 3. automatic control system. Seven, the cable television network: 1. amplifier 2. modulators 3. optical receiver 4. charge for site systems.
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